Custom Snapchat filters

I was dismayed yesterday at the backlash aimed at my advertisements for custom Snapchat filters in a local buy and sell group. I am abundantly aware that you can log into the application and create a personalized Snapchat filter. They are quite lovely but most are a very cut and paste, preset type of thing. They are not everybody’s cup of tea nor are they what I am selling.

Mine are marketed to clients who want a filter for their event that is customized to their specifications and coordinated with their vision, without having any hand in the process. I design the filters with custom colours, fonts, wording, and graphics. I then pay the fee to have the filter live at the correct geographic location and allotted time frame. I also provide customized signage that matches the event’s decor and indicates how to find and use the filter(s) for those who are not familiar with the process.



I am only charging for my time and effort, not trying to get rich off of these things. That is why I almost always make one for my brides, even if they don’t request one.

I will still be including a Snapchat filter in every package in 2018 and they will still be for sale for those who would prefer to have one instead of a traditional photo booth.


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