New printer?

I have been seeing some exciting things in my photo booth groups on Facebook that make me want to change up my printer situation. I definitely need to find something to replace my stupid Hiti printer anyway. That thing is a relic from the dark ages and I need to cull it before it lets me down at an integral time. It makes the worst noises sometimes, which nobody seems to mind (or even notice) except for me. You can see and hear it in action here.

The DNP models look pretty sweet. There are some with 3 2×8 print outputs that don’t even need special drivers to be programmed to slice because the media is double perforated and the strips pull apart. I don’t really know how practical that would be for my business where I am always switching between strips and postcard prints but it’s something to look into as a dedicated strip printer if I happen to increase my production.

I have so many ideas that I wish I could execute with my business but until I really get established, it’s hard to justify putting a lot of money into something that may not work. A printer is a safe bet because I will always need to be able to print. My other ideas are the ones that need to be back-burner-ed.



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