Hiccups, otherwise known as catastrophes

It’s 3am where I live and I’m doing my usual Saturday night worrying about catastrophes that happened with my photo booth in the past and wondering if they are preventing me from getting bookings in the present. 
I think that the worst thing that ever happened to it was when I set it up 5 minutes from my house and left it alone for a couple of hours while the wedding guests ate dinner. When I got back, the venue had piled all of the dinner tables on top of my extension cord and had ripped the outlet it was plugged into right out of the wall. I tried everything to get power to my booth that night but it just wasn’t happening. I refunded the bride and learned from that experience BIG TIME. 
Then there was the first time I ever had two events in one night. My daughter was manning the old Mojo booth at a wedding in Inverness while I was 2 hours away in Sydney Mines, fighting with this crotchety older fucker gentleman at the venue (that I have never been invited back to. Oh well). My poor daughter had to put up with rowdy drunk people who decided it would be hilarious to shotgun beers inside of the photo booth. If you know these upstanding fellas, congratulate them on my behalf. They managed to destroy an indestructible photo booth enclosure in one photo session. Also note how disheveled the interior of the booth became because I wasn’t there to keep an eye on it. That shit don’t fly when The Photo Booth Lady is on site.

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